Where Did My Blog’s Name Come From?

Day one of the September challenge is all about my blog’s name! I’m assuming if you’re here then you are already aware that my blog is called Kirsty Through The Looking Glass…I believe it’s written up there somewhere!

It’s a question I’ve come across from aspiring and new bloggers to – how do I choose my blog name? While it can feel like a lifelong choice, which inevitably makes it all the more daunting, you can change your blog name down the line if you decide the one you chose to start with isn’t working for you anymore. I’m not saying it will always be easy but it can be done.

The reality is that I am sitting at the computer desperately raking my brain to remember the origins ¬†of my blog’s name, but I honestly can’t remember. I know it was quite late at night, the last night I could set up and write my first blog post without getting a disappointed look from the college lecturer and the impending feeling of failing the whole course. I have always been a big fan of Alice In Wonderland (and therefore Alice Through The Looking Glass) and there’s something about the fictional character of Alice and her adventures which has resonated with me from a young age.

Kirsty in summer 2012, just weeks before setting up this blog!

I think a key part in choosing your blog’s name is knowing what you want your content to be. As I have mentioned my blog started it’s life as a college assessment, where basically it could be about absolutely anything that I wanted it to be about the only real criteria was that it should be something people might want to read. Since I’m one of the World’s Most Boring People (trademark, etc), I was pretty sure that nobody would be interested in a thing I had to say no matter what I wrote about. I didn’t have any particular skills or interests which I could write about. So I decided to go for what I thought the easiest option was – life through my eyes. My unique way of seeing the world. The view in my looking glass, if you will.

So, would I change my blog’s name? Possibly, actually, if I thought of a new name that captured my heart but the reality is that I probably won’t. While I am quite happy with my blog’s name I will admit that sometimes it gets a bit tedious to type out the full thing, so if I was ever going to change it then it would probably be to something significantly shorter. For now, however, I’m going to keep it.

If you’re a blogger, let me know how your blog’s name came about – I’m sure some of you have got much more interesting stories than I do!


3 thoughts on “Where Did My Blog’s Name Come From?

  1. It’s perfect! I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t already know this… But now that I know the backstory and how’s it’s supposed to be the world through your eyes I vote that it says… Forever and ever and ever and… You get it lol

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