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Okay, so I know that today’s topic was meant to be My Proudest Moment, but no matter how hard I tried to think with my sleepy little brain I just couldn’t come up with an answer. Then I remembered about this Hometown Tourism post which I started to write last April, but never got round to finishing and posting, and since the town this post is about has been shortlisted for the title of best High Street in Great Britain for the second year in a row, I’m going to take complete liberties with the challenge and share this instead! Let’s face it, it’s probably more interesting than another post about boring old me anyway.

If any of you want to find out about the High Street awards or vote for Turriff you can do that by *clicking here*. You can vote up to once a day per e-mail address until the 6th of October, and you can spread the word on social media by using the hashtags #GBHSTurriff and #MyHighStreet.

Without further ado…

Tell me a little bit about Turriff!
Turriff is a farming town in Aberdeenshire, the north-east of Scotland, with a population of around 5000 and a selection of independent businesses. It’s probably best known for Turriff Show – one of the largest agricultural events in Scotland – or the Turra Coo – an iconic piece of history in which locals rebelled against the changes in legislation.
As a local, where are some of your favourite places to eat?
There is no shortage of places to eat in Turriff! My personal favourite is probably The Rustic Grill, formerly the Square Diner. For lunch or a coffee we tend to head to Traffords or Celebrations Coffee Parlour. You could also choose from the Kastille, the Fife, White Heather, Moonlight Tandoori or any number of take aways. If you’re here on a Saturday morning head to the Legion for whatever group’s coffee morning is taking place that week – you can enjoy your coffee, make friends and help a good cause all at the same time!
Where could I stay when I come to visit?
There are a surprising number of bed and breakfasts in Turriff as well as a campsite and a small hotel. The local Legion also has rooms for members.
Is there any particular time of year that is best to come?
There are two main events which Turriff is known for – its May Day extravaganza on the May bank holiday Monday or Turriff Show which falls on the Sunday and Monday before the first Tuesday in August (isn’t that a mouthful?!). There are also Christmas lights events, fireworks and vintage vehicle displays. If you were looking for something a little special, this would obviously be the time to come but really it’s nice all year round and there’s always some kind of event on.
What kind of weather/temperatures can I expect in Turriff?
Typical Scottish weather, I guess – but that doesn’t mean it’s all snow and rain. The weather is definitely variable though, so come prepared! Temperature is typically in the teens or twenties in the summer and hovers around zero in the winter.
Are there indoor activities for rainy days?
Turriff boasts a Swimming Pool, Sports Centre and Library which are all suitable for rainy days as well as various groups and activities in local halls (including concerts, quizzes and movie afternoons!). Unfortunately there’s not an exceptional amount of indoor activities for visitors at present, but like I said, there’s always an event of some kind going on and if you’re dressed for the weather then it doesn’t matter if you’re inside or out! Although not in the town, there are a couple of castles nearby too.
What kind of outdoor activities are available in Turriff?
There is a lot of green space and play parks in Turriff, and plenty of place both in the town and close by if you’d like to go for a walk. You could explore some of the old cemeteries if, like me, you find it really interesting. We’re about 10 miles away from the nearest beach (Banff) which you can get to by bus or car.
What can I do in the evenings?
There are various pubs and eateries, as I have mentioned above. The evenings are generally reserved for group activities or family time so you might want to find a club to join from the great selection on offer. Alternatively (definitely mentioned this before) there’s always lots of different events on, and this includes in the evenings.
What places are round about that I might want to visit, and how would I get there?
Some top picks from round about would be…
  • Delgatie Castle – accessible by car, has a great woodland walk and an award winning tea room.
  • Fyvie Castle – accessible by car or bus and a not too strenuous, but not particularly short walk. and you can enjoy a walk round the loch and see the wildlife.
  • Macduff Aquarium – car or bus.
  • Banff beach – car or bus.
Tell me about the public transport in your area – how do I get to Turriff?
Unfortunately public transport in Turriff is not great. We basically have one bus nowadays, which is the Aberdeen-Elgin service (Stagecoach 35). The nearest train stations are Inverurie or Huntly, but again you would require a car or multiple busses to take you there. The nearest airport is Dyce, on the outskirts of Aberdeen, and the airport bus does link up with the 35!
What kind of person do you think Turriff is best suited for?
Turriff is suitable for anybody, but in reality is probably not really suitable for somebody who relishes in the city lifestyle. Life is easier if you can drive but it’s definitely not an essential.
Go on, tell me a local secret!
If I tell you a secret is it still a secret?
I believe Turriff was originally called Torbruad which means ‘built on/round the hill’ – you’ll understand why when you visit!
I also believe that I there are pirates in the old cemetery… (but this is coming from the person who thought she was a mermaid trapped in a human body, so…)
Why do you like Turriff so much?
I’m probably biased because for me it’s home. The reality is, though, that everyone is generally friendly and helpful, there’s a great sense of community, it’s managed to maintain some wonderfully traditional values through it’s history and there’s always something going on!

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