A Frog In The Throat | Children’s Book Review

Today’s topic in my September daily blogging challenge is my favourite childhood book. My favourite book when I was a young child was this book right here – A Frog In The Throat by Martin Waddell.

I don’t believe it’s really in circulation now (I am really old, after all) but it was basically the story of a young giraffe who accidentally swallowed a frog while eating some leaves and he was trying to follow the advice of all the grown up giraffes to get this wretched frog out of his throat!

I can’t remember specifically why this was my favourite book, I just really enjoyed it! There you go, probably the poorest quality review in book review blog history.


As I got older and was able to read by myself my favourite books were probably the Worst Witch series or Harry Potter series, although I was really into my Animal Ark books too. Basically I was just very into reading as a child, and it’s definitely something that I would like to get back into!

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