Top 5: (Not Quite) Love Songs

My current top five songs that are almost about love?  This is a slightly more enthusiastic attempt to get into the spirit of all things hearts and flowers…

1. I Hate Everything About You

We’ve all been there.  Where you really like that one person who encompasses everything that you hate about humanity, and you can’t really justify it because you “just do.”

2. Wicked Way

I just love the honesty of this song.  So many people out there will say that they’ve never thought like this, and at least 90% are lying.  Would you not rather somebody was honest about it than lied and lead you on?

3. Community Property

I think that this is the ultimate love song, but I’m pretty sure the romantics amongst you will disagree which is why I decided, after much deliberation, to put it in the ‘not quite’ list.  I know that I’m probably in the minority, but I would be utterly flattered if I was seranaded with this song (I’d also be mortified.  Please never seranade me.)  It’s about the honesty of this one too, because at least it doesn’t lead to false hopes.  You can’t get angry at somebody for cheating if they say “Yeah, I love you but I’m going to sleep around.”-the option to stay is yours to make.  You don’t get involved with somebody who you know sleeps around and just expect to ‘tame’ them.  You’re not Katy Perry.

4. Just Like A Pill

Relationships and drugs have a lot in common (apparantly).  When you start out you’re filled with anticipation, hoping that it’s going to be something great but in reality you have no idea how it’s going to turn out.  Then after a while it feels great, everything’s right in life, you’re going to take on the world and nothing can stand in your way.  Then inevitably it comes, when everything falls apart and the magic is gone, the hit is over.  Everytime is different, and some times it ends an awful lot worse than others but regardless you’re left to fight those feelings on your own because everybody’s either too busy saying “I told you so” or they’re too caught up in their own life. (Perhaps a more relatable situation would be the raging hangover after a’great night out’, but I don’t drink so that’s just another assumption)

Moral of the song?  All great things come to a very unpleasant end.

5. It’s Not Unusual

Let’s be honest, I really only picked this song because the voice of Tom Jones will melt my heart into a little puddle on the floor every time without fail.  Pretty sure everybody has wanted to say the things Tom says in this song to somebody at some point- that you can do whatever you want as long as you’re doing it with me.  That it’s perfectly natural to want to fall in love, but you’re only allowed to if you fall in love with me.  An entire song dedicated to the jealousy of wanting somebody who belongs to somebody else.

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