Top 5: Anti-Love Songs

I’d love to kickstart my month of lovey dovey blogs with something unnaturally upbeat and soppy, but let’s be realistic, this is is the Queen of Unromantic writing here.  So I thought I’d break myself into the vile subject by picking my five favourite songs that are either totally opposed to love or have nothing to do with love.  [By ‘favourite’ I mean the first 5 that came into my head. I love music too much to have favourites]

1. Everyday I Love You Less And Less

If the title doesn’t explain it then I don’t know what will.  Hate is neurologically more similar to love than to any other emotion, so I think that it makes complete sense that people who do the whole love thing end up hating each other at some point.  Maybe there’s some truth in it when they say that if you can stay friends then you were never in love?

2.Love The Way You Lie (Parts One +Two)

Abusive relationships exist, whether we want to admit it or not.

“You don’t get another chance, life ain’t a Nintendo game…  Now you get to watch her leaving through the window, I guess that’s why they call them window panes.”

3.Best Friend’s Boyfriend

Lying, sleazy scumbags the lot of them.  Okay, so maybe not all guys are like this, but I do believe 95 % of them are to at least some extent.  I also think that their female counterparts are just as bad.  The point is that there are a few really dodgy guys out there, but they know all of the things to say so that even if you were to tell your friend that her boyfriend was a cheating scumbag, if he denied it she would believe him over you.  This is not the way to combat chronic third-wheelitis, people!


Just a reminder that there are worse things than being single on February 14th.  Would you rather have a Father on Father’s day, or a Valentine on Valentine’s Day?

5.Single Life

Hopping back to the days of Bebo, good old 2k7 babezzzzz.  See, single people can have fun too!  Also interetsingly this song highlights the importance of friends.  It is a lot better to have friends than it is to have an other half.  It’s such a cheery and up beat song too, I don’t care if you approve or not it never fails to cheer me up. Always a bonus!

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