A Letter To The Lady On The Bus (and any other woman who has been asked to justify not having children)

We shouldn’t have to be having this conversation in 2019. Continue reading A Letter To The Lady On The Bus (and any other woman who has been asked to justify not having children)

Top 5 : Soppy Love Songs

Okay, I’ve succumbed to listening to some soppy(ish) lovey dovey songs, and here are the five which I have decided encompass everything that a good true love should be (in the perfect Disney princess, hearts and flowers, Mr Perfect kind of way that various romantic publications tell us is right).  Vomit buckets at the ready… 1. I Won’t Say I think my subconcious wrote this song in my sleep, because I do this on a regular basis (it pains me to admit that).  There were so many Disney love songs that could have made it into this list, but this … Continue reading Top 5 : Soppy Love Songs

Top 5: Anti-Love Songs

I’d love to kickstart my month of lovey dovey blogs with something unnaturally upbeat and soppy, but let’s be realistic, this is is the Queen of Unromantic writing here.  So I thought I’d break myself into the vile subject by picking my five favourite songs that are either totally opposed to love or have nothing to do with love.  [By ‘favourite’ I mean the first 5 that came into my head. I love music too much to have favourites] 1. Everyday I Love You Less And Less If the title doesn’t explain it then I don’t know what will.  Hate … Continue reading Top 5: Anti-Love Songs

28 Days of Love.

  I have decided that all of my February posts are going to be (somehow) related to love. I feel the need to give you all some pre-warning of this plan since, if you weren’t already aware, I am the most unromantic female to have ever existed. I don’t believe in love and I am totally opposed to anything soppy. There are a number of possible outcomes: -I’m going to show some sickeningly romantic side of myself that even I didn’t know existed (Incredibly Unlikely). -I’m going to spend the whole month taking the mick out of everything and everyone … Continue reading 28 Days of Love.