Top 5 : Soppy Love Songs

Okay, I’ve succumbed to listening to some soppy(ish) lovey dovey songs, and here are the five which I have decided encompass everything that a good true love should be (in the perfect Disney princess, hearts and flowers, Mr Perfect kind of way that various romantic publications tell us is right).  Vomit buckets at the ready…

1. I Won’t Say

I think my subconcious wrote this song in my sleep, because I do this on a regular basis (it pains me to admit that).  There were so many Disney love songs that could have made it into this list, but this one’s my favourite since it’s the one which I find most relatable.

2.As Long As He Needs Me

Even criminals are entitled to love.  So it doesn’t matter if he’s a thief/extorionist/fraud/rapist/murderer/paedophile, if you love him you are going to love him no matter what whether you want to or not.  Love makes you do crazy things, including standing by a person when perhaps they don’t deserve it.

3.Your Song

I love Elton John.  He was the second artist I saw perform live, and he’s the first one that I remember, and he was incredible.  Writing a song for somebody may seem a bit old fashioned, back from the days of Romeo and Juliet and seranading over balconies (if Romeo had sung to her they both would have lived into their 80s, I’m sure of it.), but I’m a bit of a sucker for the traditional stuff. (I like roses, hint hint.) Indeed it is simple, but it’s one of my all time favourite songs. ONLY THE ELTON JOHN VERSION, GO AWAY GOULDING.

4.What Makes You Beautiful

I’m no ‘Directioner’, but I’m quite partial to a bit of cheesy feel-good pop music…and who doesn’t appreciate a little compliment from time to time?

5. Because You Loved Me

It’s not that you couldn’t manage by yourself, it’s just that having this particular person in your life makes everything an awful lot easier.  They complete you.  They turn your life into one big power ballad, and if Celine Dion’s voice is perfect for all of those power ballad moments in your life.  Actually it’s just perfect all the time.  Just like you.

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