5 Dad-Approved Father’s Day Gifts

This post contains items which have been gifted to me as well as affiliate links, but all views and opinions are my own (and my Dad’s!) I’ve heard people say that men are some of the hardest people to shop … Continue reading 5 Dad-Approved Father’s Day Gifts

Top 5: Anti-Love Songs

I’d love to kickstart my month of lovey dovey blogs with something unnaturally upbeat and soppy, but let’s be realistic, this is is the Queen of Unromantic writing here.  So I thought I’d break myself into the vile subject by picking my five favourite songs that are either totally opposed to love or have nothing to do with love.  [By ‘favourite’ I mean the first 5 that came into my head. I love music too much to have favourites] 1. Everyday I Love You Less And Less If the title doesn’t explain it then I don’t know what will.  Hate … Continue reading Top 5: Anti-Love Songs