Submissive and Dominant Personalities: the bedroom vs the real world.

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So my flatmate and I watched a movie one night and then we were talking and it was 2am and somehow the conversation was turned to the all important question…how did dinosaurs have sex?  You know, the kind of thing that you generally only wonder at 2am.  I don’t really know why the internet exists but if it’s not so that you can find some kind of answer to your 2am musings then it is wasted. What our Google search did find was a beautiful Buzzfeed article which did exactly what we asked it to. It even has a picture of a … Continue reading Sextinction

(Not) For Sale

So last night I was just scrolling through Twitter when a tweet caught my eye.  It was a link to a news story which I haven’t read, but the headline described a female politician wanting to outlaw the selling of sex.  Now, my first thought was that they didn’t need to name the politician for it to be obvious that it was a female trying to get this law put in place. I’m incredibly judgemental, feel free to judge me back.  Something about this headline bothered me, and was still bothering me when I woke up this morning.  I know … Continue reading (Not) For Sale

Top 5: (Not Quite) Love Songs

My current top five songs that are almost about love?  This is a slightly more enthusiastic attempt to get into the spirit of all things hearts and flowers… 1. I Hate Everything About You We’ve all been there.  Where you really like that one person who encompasses everything that you hate about humanity, and you can’t really justify it because you “just do.” 2. Wicked Way I just love the honesty of this song.  So many people out there will say that they’ve never thought like this, and at least 90% are lying.  Would you not rather somebody was honest about … Continue reading Top 5: (Not Quite) Love Songs

Teaching Touching?

A little tip for all of you – never use YouTube to search for that scene from Black Swan.  If you don’t know the scene I’m referring to, you probably haven’t seen the film.  Anyway, if you do the videos that are ‘Recommended For You’ will completely change (well mine did, maybe these videos are already on your feed but that’s none of my business.)  If I were to sit and watch these videos, most of them “how to”s and advice videos, I do believe I could be the best damn lesbian lover any woman had ever encountered.  My recommended … Continue reading Teaching Touching?