WMO: Chatroom

So since I’ve been busy wading through my Guiding life, and ignoring the rest of life, I am going to apologise by presenting you with a new ‘subdivision’ of ‘Kirsty Through The Looking Glass’, which I have, rather creatively, named ‘WATCH ME ONCE!’ (or WMO for convenience).  This is going to be a series of short, spoiler free promotions/reviews of all the movies which I feel that you should watch at least once in your life.  Maybe because they are brilliant, or thought provoking.  Or maybe it’s a movie which is so bad that it’s funny.  I’m not saying that … Continue reading WMO: Chatroom

Migraines: The Mental Muck Up

June has been earmarked as ‘Migraine Awareness Month’, and this is a cause which is close to my heart.  To read more about my personal migraine story, you can read A Hole in the Head.  Anybody who suffers from the disease will understand the frustrations, and the importance of the unofficial strap line “It’s more than just a headache”. In this post I want to introduce you to a young woman who I never met, yet who broke my heart a little.  Her name is Melissa Dwyer and, despite the fact that migraines are not a ‘life threatening’ illness, she … Continue reading Migraines: The Mental Muck Up

If Straight Were Gay

Okay, so this video is nearly 20 minutes long but I think it’s well worth the time.  Regardless of your thoughts on homosexuality, or in fact any sexuality that is not heterosexuality, I think you need to watch this and think hard about the message behind it. What if a normal family had two Mums and no Dad, or two Dads and no Mum?  What if your family were strongly HETEROphobic? What if a loved up couple naturally conceiving a baby was unnatural? These are questions which you never really ask yourself…because you’ve never had to.  In fact, apparently heterophobic isn’t … Continue reading If Straight Were Gay

You Look Beautiful When You Smile…Oh…

  The same little YouTube minions who are still trying to turn me into a lesbian porn star have churned out this adorable little number.  Have you ever thought about how a blind person smiles?  Or how utterly bizarre some of the actions which we do on a regular basis actually are?  This one is really heart warming.  Think about how much you take your sight for granted, and then tell somebody just how beautiful their smile is today. Go ahead, do it. Continue reading You Look Beautiful When You Smile…Oh…