Autumn Body Shop Haul | Aberdeen Bloggers’ Event

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Last pay day I joined a bunch of other north-east influencers to find out about the new products which The Body Shop are offering at the Aberdeen store’s THANK BODY SHOP IT’S FRIDAY event. Needless to say it was a really good evening, and since it was pay day I bought myself a few things!

Ray In The Middle also buying things



One of the reasons we were invited along was to check out their expanded range of lipsticks, and I have to say that I was impressed! I wasn’t the only excited one, with the lipstick/makeup section being the most crowded part of the shop all night. I walked away with three lipsticks – two new ones and an old favourite.

The new ones were the Shine Lip Liquid in Black Liquorice (a violet sparkly lip gloss) and a Colour Crush Lipstick in a really bright pink colour (sorry the name escapes me as I write this!). The final lipstick I chose was the Matte Lip Liquid in the colour Crete Carnation – a go-to nude on the rare occasion I do a more subtle make up look, this lipstick is probably one of the favourites in my collection!




When my Mum found out that I was going to The Body Shop for an event she got all excited and gave me some money to get her “some moisturiser, but not the coconut or vanilla ones.” I assumed she meant body butter, since whenever I treat myself to a nice body butter she steals 90% of it, so I opted for the old faithful strawberry scent and it was a hit! I also bought her the strawberry softening gel lotion as it looked like a moisturiser but was almost half the price – she hasn’t tried it yet but she says she is looking forward to testing it out! All the bloggers were also spoilt rotten when we were gifted the vanilla pumpkin body butter – that’s right it’s made a comeback this year and I was so excited because I fell in love with it last year.



Finally, I treated myself to a British Rose hand cream, which I will be using as travel moisturiser. I just absolutely love the smell of The Body Shop’s rose products and I love the way it smells like real roses and doesn’t have that kind of artificial burn to it.



I decided, since it was pay day, to spoil my face a little bit. I will be the first to hold my hand up and say that I don’t have much in the way of a skincare routine (or any kind of routine, oops) which I know will make some of you squirm but it’s true. The first thing I picked up was some Himalayan Charcoal face soap, which caught my attention because 1) I am a charcoal fan unless it’s on my food and 2) I have never seen anything like it before (maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place, who knows!).


I also picked up an Atlantic Seaweed Cream from their Spa Of The World range, which I realise now I have filed under face stuff but is filed under body stuff by The Body Shop themselves – the face is part of the body, right? I can’t wait to team this up with my sea salt scrub and feel like a mermaid for half an hour.

I also picked up one of their Mediterranean Almond Milk With Oats face masks which they were promoting on the night.  We got a little bit on our hand and it felt pretty good and smelt even better. Most importantly, it has been designed with super sensitive skin in mind which immediately catches my attention. I can’t wait for my face to feel all happy after a wee pamper sesh!


The real splurge, however, was the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask. The Drops Of Youth range has a reputation for being tres pricey, but I got some samples at the last event and it is so good! I really did have many an internal debate as to whether or not I could justify the cost (£25, eek) but it was pay day so I went for it and I haven’t looked back!



I was ridiculously excited to finally get my hands one of The Body Shop’s strawberry bath bombs as I have literally been trying for years and they are always sold out! Super excited to get this one in the bath (maybe while wearing a face mask?).

I also got one of their little bath gift sets in the moringa scent since I spent too much money. I had never really paid much attention to the moringa before (what even is a moringa?!) but it is sweet and fresh and is certainly on my radar now!


What else is new?

When we were invited along, it was because they wanted two show of four particular things: the almond milk and oat mask, 20 new colours of lipsticks, matte clay face powder and a banana body care range. Obviously I was a sucker for the face mask and lipsticks, but unfortunately banana is just not for me so I steered well clear of that but I know some people were getting very excited about it!DSC_0073.JPG

Do you have any favourite products from The Body Shop? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Autumn Body Shop Haul | Aberdeen Bloggers’ Event

  1. I am in L O V E with the pumpkin body butter packaging. It’s adorable and as an artist I appreciate how much work goes into making it. I love when the packaging is nice because you really feel like someone cared about making that product just for you 🙂


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