The Body Shop Christmas Evening

img_0868.jpgThe Body Shop in Aberdeen welcomed local bloggers along one evening for a look at everything they had to offer this Christmas. A group of us went along and had a lovely evening.

IMG_0871Not only could we take time to browse the products, smell the new festive additions Vanilla Chai, Frosted Plum and Frosted Berries as well as all our old favourites and admire gift sets and fancy Christmas packaging but we could also take advantage of The Body Shop’s Black Friday discounts – in short, a lot of shopping took place that night!


If you don’t know, The Body Shop sells a variety of cosmetics and toiletries in natural scents that are also ethically good. It is in fact one of my favourite shops, but it’s also one of my ‘treat yoself’ shops – it’s not overly expensive, to be fair, but it’s more expensive that most of the places I frequent. Yes, I’m stingy and I’m really at an age where I should be valuing quality over quantity…but that is not always the case.


Everybody had a lovely evening with drinks, hand massages and super helpful staff.

It seems only right that I share with you what I got, including a couple of Christmas presents!IMG_0877


Body Butter is like intense moisturiser, and the body butters which you can buy in The Body Shop smell aaaaaamazing – they’re one of my all time favourite things from their store. On our shopping evening I bought two body butters – one frosted berries and one vanilla pumpkin, both seasonal scents. Both smell great and do wonders on my forever dry skin.

Also as a gift (sssh, don’t tell) I bought the spinner gift set – a star shaped gift set of five miniature body butters in some of their most popular regular scents. The gift set was £30.


I also bought a small tub of Mediterranean sea salt body scrub from the spa range and I am impressed! It’s gritty and oily and the two times that I have tried it so far my skin has been left smooth and lovely feeling.


I bought the hand cream in the seasonal vanilla chai scent and it smells DELICIOUS. If I make it back into a Body Shop store during the festive season then I am inevitably going to buy some more vanilla chai goodies – it’s sweet like white chocolate. The hand cream is super moisturising and I’ve actually been using it on my face rather than my hands in this wintery weather and it’s working like magic – lighter than the body butter but still intensively moisturising while smelling yummy!


For a gift (unsurprisingly) I bought the Kistna aftershave balm. For me this is where the helpfulness of the staff really was a boost – I only shop for guy gifts four times a year (Christmas, father’s day, and two birthdays) so it’s really not my forte! She was able to tell me a bit more about which products their customers love the most, and which ones are favourites with the men of all ages in her family. She also gave me the opportunity to smell this one, and while I don’t really know what my Dad (who the gift is for – don’t tell!) would opt for but I opted for the one I thought smelt nicest because last time I did that it worked! Kistna is quite fresh and citrusy, and hopefully he’ll like it to (I had to wrap it up just to stop myself from using, it smells that good).



Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system let me tell you a little bit more. I was casually perusing the make up and telling myself that I really didn’t need any new liquid lipsticks when the member of staff asked if I had seen their metallic lipsticks. I hadn’t. They’re new in for Christmas and there are some absolutely gorgeous shades, which she swatched on my hands. She especially brought to my attention the plum titanium, the kind of shade that would work for anyone. It’s a beautiful dark classic red, but shiny. It is probably one of the most perfect lipsticks which I own and will be well worn this Christmas.

The final things I took home were some samples for the Vitamin C range, their Drops Of Youth range and a free jar of the Himalayan charcoal mask (free because of how much money I spent!). I’ve not tried any of them yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? Tell me in the comments below!

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