Youtube Update!

I double posted yesterday – have you seen my latest videos?



So remember when I shared my first ever youtube video with you all? I can’t believe that was 10 months ago. I have quietly been working away on Youtube things behind the scenes but have to say that I haven’t quite managed to upload as much or as regularly as I had hoped to – but I have uploaded a few more videos! My most recent videos were both unboxings (and my October Glossybox arrived yesterday so I’ll probably do the same again) but most of my video content so far has been travel related – I have videos from Edinburgh Zoo and the Cluedupp Murder Mystery Day I attended.

I have so many semi-edited videos in the pipeline that it’s actually a little bit crazy – there are hauls and days out and my adventures to Rome and Vienna.  I’m sure some of you remember when I promised my first ever vlog on my trip to Nairn last October and my week of adventures to Newcastle, Edinburgh and Aviemore last November – they are coming, just maybe not in the format I had originally thought. WATCH THIS SPACE!

The main reason that my videos have not been as abundant as I had hoped is 99% down to the fact that video editing is generally infinitely more time consuming than writing a blog. I like to take the time to sit down and play around with my video editing and really focus on making clips as cohesive as possible, whereas a blog post I just have to sit down and type – I have done it lying in my bed many times!

I always aim for a video to be less than five minutes long – I know that myself I don’t feel compelled to watch a 40 minute vlog, I’d rather just watch something on TV. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do it, but I don’t do it often. The two Glossybox unboxings were under two minutes long, which was important to me, but I have also started experimenting with slightly longer videos (like 10-15 minutes).

My channel is Kirsty TTLG and I’d love it if you would check it out and maybe even subscribe!

Tell me a bit about your Youtube habits in the comments below – what length of video do you prefer? What content do you prefer? Let me know!

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