How I Made A New Year’s Resolution I Could Keep

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Welcome to 2018. So…who has made a new year’s resolution? I know from what you have been telling me on Instagram that a lot of you don’t bother making resolutions.  I don’t blame you – this used to be me and to some extent still is!  You may remember that a few years ago, in the era of KTTLG 1.0, that instead of making a resolution I decided to make a list of ten things that I wanted to achieve instead. I wasn’t able to achieve all of them (to be honest I kind of forgot … Continue reading How I Made A New Year’s Resolution I Could Keep

My Sparkly Christmas

Another poem from the hard drive.  A little more festive, this one was written for a church competition.  It won. My Sparkly Christmas A poem by Kirsty Brown It sparkles in the daylight It sparkles in the night It’s everywhere I look around It’s even on the ground My favourite is the silver But there’s other colours too Gold, purple, red or blue Multicoloured, what’s for you? In class we use it everyday When Christmas comes around The green’s a tree, a shiny blue sky And there’s silver sparkly snow! I find it on my trousers My coat, my shoes-my … Continue reading My Sparkly Christmas

Review: Hudl

Okay, so I’m not in the habit of reviewing actual, physical objects, but I’m going to give it a bash.  My intentions are to use this blog post to tell you a little bit about the Hudl. WHAT IS A HUDL? The Hudl is Tesco’s attempt at paving it’s way into the gadget market by focussing on the tech of the moment – the tablet.  Not, like, an actual medical tablet, but an electronic one.  Like an iPad, but instead of being made by Apple it was made by Tesco. HUDL…THAT’S AN ACRONYM RIGHT? I’m afraid it’s not.  Having worked … Continue reading Review: Hudl