The Grinch 2018 | Movie Review

When I saw they were making another version of one of my favourite Christmas movies, I was EXCITED. I absolutely love The Grinch (Who Stole Christmas) and I absolutely love all things Dr Seuss. So I should have known better, I should have remembered the number one rule – never get excited for a remake when you’re a fan of the original.

This version is fully animated, and to my untrained eye it is animated well. I just felt that somewhere along the line the wickedness of the Grinch was lost and the story was pretty anti-climatic. Was the adorably designed Grinch part of the problem? Perhaps. Just look at that cute fuzzy wuzzy face up there.

For anybody unfamiliar with The Grinch, he is a who that has been exiled from Whoville because he is different. All of the other whos think he is mean and Christmas – the best time of the year – is his absolute least favourite thing in the world. So he does what any Grinch would do, he decides to steal Christmas…but can the whos stop him before he ruins Christmas for everyone? (dun dun duuun)

I have spent a lot of time trying to work out exactly what was wrong with this movie, and I still can’t quite put my finger on it – there was just something missing. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, I did. I just wasn’t excited by it, it didn’t give me that rush of wanting to see it again or rush out on release day to buy myself a copy for my Christmas movie collection. I might buy it once it’s been out for a while and has reduced in price – it’s that kind of conundrum.

I would have loved to have gushed about how amazing this movie is, but I just can’t. What I do support though, is that this movie is bring Dr Seuss to a whole new audience, a whole new generation and I think that is absolutely brilliant. For now, I think I’m going to stick to the Jim Carrey version of the movie, but maybe if I watch the new animated version on a different day I will find it better than I remembered!

Have you seen the latest movie of The Grinch? What did you think?


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