I Go To Church, but… | 11 Truths You Probably Don’t Believe

I’ve seen a bunch of videos going about where people dispel myths/stereotypes/prejudices about something which defines them – race, sexuality, circumstance…literally anything. I recently became a deacon (almost a big deal) and I thought Blogtober might be the perfect chance to attempt something similar of my own – at the moment it’s coming in the form of this post but I might turn it into a video later down the line.

I’m going to go down the route of religion – I can feel your prejudices tingling already. So hear we go…

backlit cemetery christianity clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I Go To Church, but…

  • I still work on Sundays. Sometimes before, sometimes after and sometimes I just have to miss church altogether.
  • I fully support LGBT+ rights, I love the LGBT+ identifying people in my life without hesitation and I identify as LGBT+ myself.
  • I still get involved in Hallowe’en – I love disguising myself from the resurrected evil spirits.
  • I’m not necessarily celibate.
  • I openly date people who are not religious.
  • I believe in the magic of Santa Claus.
  • I sometimes listen to heavy metal music.
  • I don’t drink the communion wine.
  • I will not “shove my religion down your throat”.
  • It’s not because my parents make me. In fact, my parents are very rarely in Church.
  • I sometimes where clothes which are “too short” or “too low-cut”…or both.

What’s a stereotype you defy? Let me know in the comments below!


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