The Autumn Tag

Shout out to Carly from Pretty Style Of Living for tagging me in this super fun post! I always enjoy reading these ‘tag’ posts and learning a little bit more about the person behind the screen and discovering some of the ways that we are the same and that we are not – isn’t being a human fascinating?

So how does it work? This post is a bunch of fun autumnal themed questions created by Lauren Ann Beauty to help bloggers and their readers get to know each other a little bit better, and then at the end I get to nominate a few bloggers who I think would enjoy getting their autumn on to get involved!


The Rules
1. List these rules in your post, so that everyone is clear on what to do!
2. Include the creator’s link ( and also whoever nominated you!
3. Answer the questions and tag at least 3 other people (maybe include their links to help with their DA!)

The Questions
1) What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?
I enjoy autumn mostly because it means that it’s almost winter – my favourite season. It’s acceptable to think about Christmas and wear cosy jumpers and I can spend time in the outside world without the constant fear of sunburn.

2) Are you taking part in Blogtober?
I am indeed – although maybe not as successfully as originally hoped! I am aware that my posts have been very ‘stot and bang’ this month but that’s just because unforeseen circumstances led to my whole world falling apart and me descending into some kind of neverending abyss (overdramatic? maybe a bit). Oh, and I finally got my furniture moved into my house so the moving process cranked up a few gears. 

Yes I am taking part and since most of the posts are partially written I am hoping to get caught up before Hallowe’en!

3) Favourite autumnal drink?
Okay so first up Carly said hers was hot Vimto and I love Vimto but I’ve never heard of anybody drinking theirs hot before but this sounds amazing?
I guess I don’t really think of the drinks I drink as seasonal – with the exception of Macdonalds frozen lemonade – but we are rapidly approaching hot chocolate season so I guess that’s my answer! Hot chocolate with marshmallows and no cream please, thanks xxx
4) Favourite autumn candle?
Last year I got a pumpkin candle from Primark and I absolutely loved it. I have to say I haven’t dived much into the world of candles – it’s not that I don’t like them it’s just that my life never seems to be calm enough to have the time to light them!
5) Favourite item of clothing for autumn?
ALL THE JUMPERS. Oh, and I’ve been bringing my ‘plaid’ shirts back out to play recently too. Pretty much anything that feels a bit snuggly, really.
6) Do you decorate your house or room for Hallowe’en/autumn?
We use to decorate the outside of our family home a little bit, just to let guisers know that they were welcome to our door but just due to time and whatnot that’s kind of died out recently. I don’t really have plans to decorate my house this year as I’ll barely be in, but maybe in the future! Also I’m pretty sure vloggers are pretty much the only people to decorate their home for autumn, or is this something I have missed?
7) What do you do on Halloween?
Nothing really, which I guess is a shame because dressing up is one of my favourite things to do. I’ll probably be working. I normally rely on some kind of Hallowe’en plans from whatever group I’m involved in but since I’m not really involved with any at the moment I guess I will spend this halloween hiding away in my house (probably unpacking boxes or trying to work out how to turn the heating on)!
My Nominations
Let me see…I think the three bloggers that I would like to nominate today are…

Rebecca from Lipstick And Late Nights

Chloe from Girl In The Red Coat


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