The Autumn Tag

Shout out to Carly from Pretty Style Of Living for tagging me in this super fun post! I always enjoy reading these ‘tag’ posts and learning a little bit more about the person behind the screen and discovering some of the … Continue reading The Autumn Tag

Trick Or Treat.

Happy HallowE’en! I’ve seen a lot of complaints on various social networks tonight about trick or treaters. You know, the little kids who get all dressed up like spookies then go door to door in their local area.  People complaining that it is vile and disgusting to go round the houses of strangers and beg for sweets.  I have a number of points to make: 1) If you/ you’re child is not in primary school anymore, you/they are too old for trick or treating, hate to break it to you.  A line needs to be drawn, and the crossover between … Continue reading Trick Or Treat.