Trick Or Treat.

Happy HallowE’en!

I’ve seen a lot of complaints on various social networks tonight about trick or treaters. You know, the little kids who get all dressed up like spookies then go door to door in their local area.  People complaining that it is vile and disgusting to go round the houses of strangers and beg for sweets.  I have a number of points to make:

1) If you/ you’re child is not in primary school anymore, you/they are too old for trick or treating, hate to break it to you.  A line needs to be drawn, and the crossover between Primary and Secondary school is it. (12 years old-ish)

2)Less people go door to door now than they used to.  When my brother and I went trick or treating when he was younger, we only ever went to the houses of people that we knew, and one year when there was a larger group of us we went to all the ‘welcoming’ houses, you know, the ones which decorate like there’s no tomorrow- pumpkins, lanterns, skeletons…

3)Trick or Treating is NOT begging, it’s an exchange.  Trick or Treaters are supposed to perform some kind of entertainment, some jokes, a song, maybe a poem or a magic trick, and whether they earn a treat is supposed to be dependant on the quality of entertainment provided.  Stick to your guns, be entertained.  Entertain in return.  If they won’t play ball, close the door.

4) Who said it had to be sweeties?  Give them fruit if you want to promote a healthy lifestyle.  My brother and I once went to a house where instead of getting a sweetie the guy showed my brother this really cool magic trick.  If a child is the right age for trick or treating then they will be easily amused.  It’s just that sweeties/biscuits are more fun and (theoretically) last a little bit longer, but my brother’s eaten all those sweeties but he still remembers the trick.

5) If you’re not happy, don’t open your door.  Stay locked away and don’t participate in the evenings festivities. EASY.

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