My Sparkly Christmas

Another poem from the hard drive.  A little more festive, this one was written for a church competition.  It won.

My Sparkly Christmas

A poem by Kirsty Brown

It sparkles in the daylight

It sparkles in the night

It’s everywhere I look around

It’s even on the ground

My favourite is the silver

But there’s other colours too

Gold, purple, red or blue

Multicoloured, what’s for you?

In class we use it everyday

When Christmas comes around

The green’s a tree, a shiny blue sky

And there’s silver sparkly snow!

I find it on my trousers

My coat, my shoes-my hair!

It’s on my face, it’s on the floor-

It’s really everywhere!

So what’s the fuss?

I hear you say.

Why do you like the mess?

And my answer, well,

It’s plain, and clear

You simply can’t have Christmas

When the glitter’s not about!

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