My Top Picks For What To See In Edinburgh Playhouse In 2020

(images sourced from ATG website)

It’s Theatre Thursday again! (I’m just going to pretend that’s a thing)

This week I want to share some of my top picks for Edinburgh’s main theatre with you. For full disclosure I found it much more difficult to navigate the What’s On listing for the Playhouse, but I have tried my best. I will also be skipping any shows which I mentioned in my Aberdeen round up from this list, but some of the shows which I listed there are also coming to Edinburgh next year.

Tickets for Edinburgh Playhouse are available from ATG Tickets.

Here are my top three shows in order of when they’re coming to Edinburgh…

The Lion King

December 10 – March 29

One of my first ever solo adventures was to Edinburgh one Sunday the last time that The Lion King was in the Playhouse and it was absolutely incredible.



April 24-26

I’ve seen a couple of Riverdance/Lord Of The Dance shows and they are absolutely mesmerising.


Heathers The Musical

July 7-11

I love the soundtrack to this musical, so I am excited to see the actual performance! It is based on the movie, but I have to admit that I have never seen the movie… I have seen Mean Girls though, and I think they’re kinda similar.



I realise that this list is much shorter, but that’s because the high demand for The Lion King means that it is now taking the stage for a significant part of the start of the year and a lot of the shows for the latter half of the year don’t appear to have been announced yet. A few of the shows that are left – like Book Of Mormon and Footloose – were already mentioned on my Aberdeen list. If you have never visited Edinburgh Playhouse then I can confirm that it is a stunning venue, and is much bigger than His Majesty’s Theatre.

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