Five More Festive Films I’d Like To Watch This December

(the images included in this post are not my own and have been sourced from Google)

So last week I wrote about five films that I will almost definitely be watching this month. Those are my top choices, but what happens once I have watched all of them? What do I watch then?

So I thought I would share another list of movies, the ones which are a little bit further down the list but the ones which will be lighting up my television screen if I have enough free time…

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

I’m never really sure if this is a Christmas movie, or a Hallowe’en movie, or a movie for that kinda weird place between the two. That’s one of the main reasons that it’s further down the list.


  • Elf

Confession time – I haven’t seen Elf in a LONG time. So long that I’m not actually even sure that I’m on the ELF IS GREAT train that is blazened all over social media every year. I remember going to see it in the cinema for a friend’s birthday, but I genuinely don’t remember if I’ve watched it since. That was 2003. The DVD is sitting on my shelf though, so I’d really like to find time to watch it this year and see what I think now.


  • Miracle On 34th Street

I have always loved the magic of this film. Also, Mara is an absolute gem in every single film she starred in.


  • Home Alone (any or all of them)

I feel like this is a childhood favourite. I don’t know if I ever thought about it as a Christmas movie, but now that I’m a bit older I do realise that it is primarily a Christmas movie.


  • The Snowman

Classic Christmas, but I don’t think I actually own it which means I need to source it which is why it is further down the list. Although…does the Irn Bru advert count? It’s basically the same thing.


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