Nine Places To See Before You Die |Contributed Content

No matter where you are in the world, there are always more places to see and more things to do. There are places you can reach in the far corners of the world and witness via the internet, but there are just some of those places out there that you really need to hop on a plane and see firsthand. The history books have given us a grounding in some of the world’s best beaches, best cities and the most cultural towns, and because travel is becoming more affordable, we are now able to see these places more easily.

The only problem? How on earth do you only choose nine things you have to see before you die?! With an entire world of amazing to go and visit – from rainforests to ruins – there just seems too much that needs to be seen to only choose nine places to go. Your list has to be much longer than just nine things to see, but these are the nine that MUST place.

canyon clouds daylight desert
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The Grand Canyon

It’s not just for people in America, you know. It’s a sight that will make you catch your breath when you see it. This canyon has been carved out over thousands of years by the Colorado River, and no matter how many pictures you see online, the sheer size is just awe-inspiring. Standing near the edge (safely, naturally) and seeing the huge rock walls that cover over 200 miles is an experience you won’t find anywhere else.


The Great Wall of China

The first structure ever made by man that can be seen from space has to be on the list, doesn’t it? The Great Wall looks down toward the horizon and feels like it goes on forever. And it should, given that it’s 5,000 miles long! It’s hard to imagine that the will and effort of humans has constructed it, but go on the proper tour and you’ll see the statues and the hard work that has gone into it.


Uluwatu Temple

Bali is always lauded for the beaches, but it’s got the temples to die for with ocean vistas all along it. Those who visit never want to leave, which is why so many check out to figure out how to stay. Indonesia as a whole should be on the list – and if it’s not, then it is time to change that.


Easter Island

The actual island? Not too interesting. However, the 13 foot tall statues that line the island? A mystery! The unknown is always a mystery and no one knows the exact reason they were created or by whom, which makes these 10 ton behemoths one of the world’s largest mysteries.


venice italy
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There aren’t many places in the world that have watery streets, but Venice embraces every moment of it. The whole city was built on over 100 islands, so travelling around by boat isn’t just something introduced for tourists, it was a necessity. The guided tours down the canal streets are an experience you’ll never find elsewhere.


The Taj Mahal

Did you know that the Taj Mahal isn’t just one building? It’s made up of many smaller structures, which is even more impressive than it was before you knew it! The calligraphy carved into the side is impressive and it has to be viewed to be really appreciated.


The Great Barrier Reef

The largest living coral reef in the world spans over 1600 miles and there is a huge amount of colourful sea life that you can view in a glass bottomed boat. It’s taken years to form and now we are spending time studying it and marvelling at it. You should, too.


Petra, Jordan

It’s a city that has an unknown origin – no one really knows how it was started or who built the city in the mountain walls. There are huge entry ways that stand at almost 15 feet tall and the stories of a city that housed giants have been retold for years. It’s a must-see in life, to appreciate the sheer brilliance of the build.


The Great Pyramid of Giza

Did you know that this pyramid was built to match the geographic directions of a compass? This just proves that we knew how to use numbers to engineer structures like this. We still don’t know why this great structure was built and that’s why they’re something to see – they’re a conundrum.


The pictures in the books and online will never let you see the sheer brilliance of each of these places, and they are so unique that you won’t ever want to leave.

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