3 Travel Trends That Are Here To Stay | Contributed Content

The world of travel is similar to pretty much everything else in that certain trends pop up from time to time. There are things that loads of people start doing, and then even more people start copying them. This year has seen a fair few travel trends cropping up that I think are here to stay for quite some time. So, without further ado, here they are:


Randomly Generated Holidays

A significant trend for this year has been randomly generated holidays. Mainly, this has come from the people that developed the LuckyTrip app. As you can probably guess, the aim of this app is to generate a holiday for you at random. You fill in a few details – like budget and dates – and it does the rest for you. Now, you’ve got a holiday planned without doing anything, and there’s the added excitement of it being random so you could go somewhere you’ve never even thought of. The trend has become so popular that EasyJet has partnered with the app and lets you choose a random holiday from their destinations!


Travel Cycling

I don’t think this is an actual term, but it’s my way of describing a very popular trend I’ve noticed quite recently. These days, it seems like more and more people are bringing their bikes on holiday with them. More to the point, they’re focusing the whole trip around the idea of cycling from place to place. I think this is something that’s born out of companies like Global Adventure Challenges setting up cycle challenges in different countries. Traditionally, these are charity cycles where you can join a group of people and cycle across different countries or continents. But, some people are starting to do them on their own just for fun as well! It’s a unique way to travel – it’s also cheap – and you get to see loads of different places as well.


Winter Holidays Are Getting More Popular

Forget about jetting off somewhere nice and sunny for a beach holiday in the summer, winter holidays are all the rage! This year saw a change as more people started going on winter holidays than ever before. So much so that a lot of experts are predicting that winter holidays will overtake summer holidays in popularity next year! There’s even some research that backs this up, with 79% of people saying they’re interested in a winter holiday. With so many amazing places to go during the wintertime – not to mention the popularity of Christmas markets and Christmas-themed holidays across Europe– it’s clear to see why this trend has caught on. So, maybe next year will be the first time you go travelling during winter instead of summer?!

There were other travel trends this year, but these three stood out above the rest. Also, it feels like these trends are here to stay. They’re going to kick on in 2019 and become even more popular as the months go by. At the very least, we’ll see similar trends spawn from them!

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