September Staycation Day 4: Museum Of Scottish Lighthouses

I woke up and headed off without checking my petrol gauge, which led to me having to turn back after it started flashing angrily at me!  Thankfully, after filling up my thirsty wee car and heading off again the rest of the day went more smoothly.

I arrived at the Museum Of Scottish Lighthouses at around 11.30am where I secured an Aberdeenshire Autumn Rover ticket and was booked onto the 1pm tour of the old lighthouse (there are no noon tours off season, but otherwise the tours take place hourly and last around 45 minutes).

Having to wait so long was not an issue at all, and in fact the timing was perfect – it took me around an hour to explore the museum (it could easily take more or less time) and then by the time I had devoured a scone in the cafe and browsed the gift shop, it was time to gather for the tour.

So what is the Museum Of Scottish Lighthouses?

It’s pretty self explanatory, but the museum is divided into two parts – the museum and the old Kinnaird Head Lighthouse. The museum itself I think it pretty accessible for those with mobility issues however the old lighthouse would not necessarily be suitable.

Wandering around the museum you can learn about how lighthouses came to be, how they decided where to put them and how they have developed and technology has progressed. You can learn about the different types of lighthouses and the reality of life as a lighthouse keeper. There are uniforms you can try on and buttons to push and an impressive amount of artefacts to look at and learn about.

You can then join a tour of the old lighthouse, where you can see for yourself how the lighthouse worked, a lighthouse keeper’s living quarters and the teeny tiny space where they worked (and it was definitely hard work!).

I personally found both parts to be very interesting and would recommend it for all ages. I think it has a little bit of something for everyone, and for those able to climb to the top of the lighthouse there is a cracking view (albeit of Fraserburgh). Also I managed to find my way there without my SatNav (it died halfway to Fraserburgh) so that means that it is well signposted for visitors which makes a change to a lot of tourist places I try to visit! I found the cafe to be reasonably priced and my scone was delicious – while they don’t have an extensive menu they do have a mixture of snacks and hot meals as well as hot and cold drinks.

Now here is for the confession of what I got up to on days 5 and 6 – very little. I was struggling with my health both physically and mentally and I really just needed to take some time to myself and the adventures had to be put on hold. I didn’t quite do nothing however – I packed up some boxes for my new house, so it wasn’t a total waste of two days. By the end of day 6 I was suffering from cabin fever and embarked on new adventures on day 7 (whether I actually should have or not is a different story!)

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