Cheesiness Reunited.


I don’t know if anybody saw the UK TV Programme ‘The Big Reunion’, but I never.  Basically, however, ITV got some the groups loved most by the nineties kids back together, and it was so popular that they then took them on tour.  So yes, I’m a die hard nineties kid, and of course I was there in a shot.  This time Lindsay was my victim, check her out – , I think you guys might really like her!

So after a horrible day at work, missing out on all the fun of May Day (May Day where I live is pretty damn awesome, and should not be spent in the supermarket) it was a relief to have something to look forward to.  Yes, I was late in arriving but not as late as I thought I would be, so as I stood outside the AECC waiting for Lindsay to arrive I had a little rave to B*Witched who I could hear playing inside.  We got in just in time to see 911, and our seats were great.  Thus commenced 2 and a half hours of deafening screams, atrocious singing and maybe even a little dancing as we watched the groups of our childhood grace the stage.  Before the night was through we saw Atomic Kitten, Blue, B*Witched, Honeyz, 911, 5ive and Liberty X.  I don’t think that I have ever been to a concert where everybody is round about the same age, apart from the sprinkling of young kids that we saw (Young enough that they probably weren’t even born when the bands broke up).  In brief, everybody was great, although unfortunately the Honeyz didn’t quite receive the same reception as the other groups because…well because nobody remembered who they were, which was a little unfortunate.  Kerry Katona was back with Atomic Kitten, and I have to say she was looking really well.  Some of them were starting to look a little aged, yes it’s natural but it’s a little weird seeing them like that when you’re used to ye posters of olde.  Remember 5ive’s ‘Keep On Moving’?  It has been stuck in my head all week…

Here are a few of the photos I took on the night…

DSCF6184 DSCF6199 DSCF6219 DSCF6222 DSCF6229 DSCF6232 DSCF6242 DSCF6252 DSCF6263

Here are the videos which I took on the night.  Go on, sing along…you know you want to!

The Big Reunion album is available now, and is also on Spotify.

5 thoughts on “Cheesiness Reunited.

  1. Haha my friend went to this in Glasgow! She said she just wanted to see five and 911. Personally it looks awful to me but I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  2. This was such a great night! I really want to watch the videos but I’m scared that all you’ll be able to hear is me singing and screaming haha


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