Teen Queen 2013?

“I guess it’s natural for parents to cry on their kid’s first day of school, but you know this normally happens when the kid is 5.  I’m 16.” Set your mind back 10 years.  The year is 2003, and one particular young lady is away to steal the teen chick flick movie scene.  Her name was Lindsay Lohan- fresh faced, red haired and vaguely familiar from playing the twins in Parent Trap.  She was the perfect role model for teenage girls everywhere, and as she took leading roles in Freaky Friday, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, Herbie Fully Loaded … Continue reading Teen Queen 2013?

Cheesiness Reunited.

HANDS UP WHO REMEMBERS THE CHEESY POP ERA. I don’t know if anybody saw the UK TV Programme ‘The Big Reunion’, but I never.  Basically, however, ITV got some the groups loved most by the nineties kids back together, and it was so popular that they then took them on tour.  So yes, I’m a die hard nineties kid, and of course I was there in a shot.  This time Lindsay was my victim, check her out – http://thelifeoflgdrysdale.blogspot.co.uk/ , I think you guys might really like her! So after a horrible day at work, missing out on all the fun of … Continue reading Cheesiness Reunited.

World Book Night 2013

Happy World Book Night!  To celebrate, I hereby give you 10 completely useless and uninteresting Kirsty-related book facts.  My favourite book is Wuthering Heights, which I first read in 5th year for my Personal Study.  Heathcliff, you are perfect…please marry me.  Also in 5th year we had to read Lord of the Flies. It took my two weeks to read it.  I hated it, it’s actually the worst book ever. When I was younger the guy who owns the chemist down in Banff asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up.  I said I wanted to be … Continue reading World Book Night 2013