World Book Night 2013

Happy World Book Night!  To celebrate, I hereby give you 10 completely useless and uninteresting Kirsty-related book facts.

  1.  My favourite book is Wuthering Heights, which I first read in 5th year for my Personal Study.  Heathcliff, you are perfect…please marry me.
  2.  Also in 5th year we had to read Lord of the Flies. It took my two weeks to read it.  I hated it, it’s actually the worst book ever.
  3. When I was younger the guy who owns the chemist down in Banff asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up.  I said I wanted to be a writer, and he gave me a book.  It’s called Troll Tales, it’s a book of fantasy poems (about Trolls, go figure) written by a guy from Peterhead and I still have it. Free book, woo!
  4. The last e-book I read was ‘My Suicide Note’, by Micheal Peterson.  I don’t suppose it really counts as a book at only 7 pages long, but it’s touching.  His family published it after his death.  If that doesn’t count then the one before that was ‘The Hilarious Confessions of 25 Wankers’ haha, disgusting. I’m in the process of re-reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales.Yes, I have a Kindle.  I don’t like it, never buy one.  Buy real books instead, because if nothing else, they smell better.
  5. The last book I read was Light on Snow by Anita Shreve.  It was really quite good, but nothing special.
  6. I own the entire 50 Shades trilogy, but to date I have only read the first one.  No amount of crushing on Christian (because he’s incredibly rich and messed up) can hide how painful it is to read.  How many different ways can you spell Grey?!
  7. Santa gave me Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997.  I bumped in JK Rowling in Heathrow airport on my way to France in 2009, and spoke to her in HMV but I didn’t ask her to sign the copy of Beedle Bard I had in my bag because I’d left my Mum looking after my bag outside the shop and when I told Dad who I saw he told me it wasn’t her. It definitely was. Gutted.
  8. My favourite book when I was younger was Frog In My Throat, it was a story about a baby giraffe who swallowed a frog.  In Primary 1 we all got to take a turn to bring in a book and that was the one I took 🙂
  9. My brother had to dress up as his favourite book character for World Book Day one year, and he wanted to be Hamish McHaggis so I did his face.  At the time Mum worked with somebody who was friends with the illustrator, so she sent her a photo and she sent him back a signed copy of the newest book before it was actually released.
  10. I pretty much know Green Eggs and Ham off by heart, and when my brother was about 4 I could have recited Duck in a Truck word for word.

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