Answer Me This…

Have you ever found yourself just completely and utterly perplexed at something that seems so incredibly simple?  Have you ever wondered how something so simple, so stupid can absolutely fry your brain with it’s complexity.  I find myself regularly perplexed, and I am hoping that perhaps by throwing five of the thoughts guilty of giving me brain strain out there that somebody might finally be able to give me some answers…

  • Why is heart spelt h-e-a-r-t, but pronounced ‘haa-rt’?  If you were to drop the r then it would cease to be heart and would become heat, which is pronounced ‘hee-t’.  There is little, if any, phonetic similarities in the aa and the ee sounds.
  • Why is the hammer for breaking the glass in the emergency exits on my bus stored behind a sheet of toughened glass?  Surely this is a little bit counterproductive, time consuming and just down right silly.
  • Why does the album art on my iPod never match up? No matter what I do, at least half of the songs on my iPod have got the wrong album art.  It’s frustrating.
  • How can people walk in high heels?  I can’t even stand in heels, let alone move in them.
  • Elbows. They just get in the way, and they seen completely pointless, so why did we evolve with elbows and not just with shorter or bendy arms.  Bendy arms would be pretty useful.

2 thoughts on “Answer Me This…

  1. I totally get the elbows thing. Do you ever fantasise about being able to detach the arm that gets in the way when you’re in bed trying to sleep?


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