This Is Love.

There is something sickeningly cliched about getting married on Valentine’s day, but that’s what thousands did regardless.  Edith Casa and Victor Cingolani were one of those couples when they married over in Argentina yesterday.  If you haven’t read their story, let me fill you in about why I’ve chosen to write about this particularly special couple.  He is currently in jail serving a 13 year sentence…for killing her sister.  Just let that sink in for a minute.

Now I know that you have already formed your own opinion, but let me give you mine anyway.  I think it’s beautiful.  I think she’s incredibly brave and he was insanely lucky.  As they left their registry office wedding, protestors threw stones at them.  Some of them even got themselves arrested.  As far as I’m concerned they had no right to interfere, yes perhaps it is abnormal, and definitely not a relationship any of us would have chosen to be in, but it’s not causing anybody any harm.  If people are offended it’s their own fault.  Isn’t the main thing about the ‘magic of love’ (vomit)  is that it can happen to anybody?

Edith is quoted as saying “I married the man I love, not the man who murdered my sister.” 

Regardless of whether he’s as innocent as he’s claiming, if this relationship/love is as real I hope it it I think it’s wonderful and we need more people who are willing to be as open as they are.  Criminals are human too, even you might find it hard to believe sometimes.

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