Relationship Status: Independant.

“Single is not a status, it is a word used to describe somebody who is strong enough to enjoy their life without depending on others.”

There you go [insert definitive nod here]. This isn’t my quote, but it’s basically something which I say all the time. It’s the root of the “I’m single because I don’t need an ‘other half’ to be whole.”.

Oh, and if you are single, and you disagree with the above statement (if you’re one of these girls that moans about not having a boyfriend, or vice versa), then I managed to find a quote that applies to you too…

“Stop complaining about being single, we have bigger problems in this country.  Like why can I not buy a MacDonalds breakfast at 10:30?”

I hope that puts your life in perspective, because breakfast is much more important than you having somebody to throw all of your soppiness at.  I’m sure scientists would agree, and you wouldn’t dare argue with the scientists.  Also, MacDonalds breakfasts are pretty darn good.

No I don’t know who said either of these things, I just borrowed them from the Search Quotes website.  So if they are yours, then I’m sorry but they are brilliant.

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