This is not a comeback post

If I am honest with myself this saga has been ongoing for many months now, maybe even a year…maybe longer. The last few weeks, however, the battle has raged harder.

I feel compelled, as many of us do, to make some great comeback after, once again, disappearing off the Internet for no known reason. I feel like I must write some great explanation to my absence, detailing the rocky road of life or something incredible which has been happening. It doesn’t feel real though.

Then there is the part of me that thinks The Great Comeback is a sham. It’s a stupid thing all ‘content creators’ do when they haven’t posted in more than a week. That makes me want to shun it. Have no comeback post. Just post normally as if I didn’t disappear for months on end.

All that’s happening is that the great debate is getting me down, it’s making me frustrated and it’s preventing me from posting what I want to post in a timely matter.

So this is not a post about The Great Comeback…but also, it is.


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