My Top Influencers In February 2019 | Follow Friday

I can’t believe it’s that time again already, and boy what a month it has been! It seems like just yesterday that I was talking about my January faves but without further ado…here is my top picks for February!

Blog Of The Month

This month I’m choosing Mommy’s Home Cooking, because as I have delved into the world of giving up my suspected intolerances this resource of tried and tested eggless recipes has proven to be an absolute Godsend! I tried the vanilla cake for a work retirement party and it was so close to real cake that I almost cried.
It’s not just egg-free recipes either, she has a whole host of delicious looking dishes on her site!

Screen shot 2019-03-06 at 15.37.46.png

Vlogger Of The Month

Okay, so this one is maybe a little bit of a cheat? I’m not sure, but this month my video influencer of the month is Buzzfeed’s Kelsey Impicciche. While I watch a lot of Buzzfeed videos and enjoy them, I have always proactively avoided listing any of the Buzzfeed channels as my Vlogger Of The Month. I’m making an exception for Kelsey, however, and I’m going to explain why – hopefully you agree!

Kelsey is part of a Buzzfeed programme which allowed her to create her own content on the side of her Buzzfeed content, and this channel is a lot of fun. That’s not the reason I chose her.

The reason that I chose Kelsey is because I am currently hooked on her 100 Baby Challenge which she is working on over of Buzzfeed’s Multiplayer channel. Not just that though, the way that she shows the game, it’s functions and capabilities has made me seriously consider buying Sims 4. Not the challenge, but the way that she shows the versatility of the game. In my mind, that’s exactly what an influencer should do – and as far as I’m away it’s totally not sponsored or anything (although probably bought using Buzzfeed money, but we would all do that if we had the chance!)

So there you go…Vlogger Of The Month is Kelsey Impicciche!

Screen shot 2019-03-06 at 15.56.47.png

Check out her personal channel here:

Check out Kelsey’s 100 Baby Challenge here:


Twitter Of The Month

For February I’m choosing Jenny In Neverland (@jennymarston_xo). She always seems to have something great to say, she puts an inspiring amount of work into her blog and her role as an influencer. One of the main reasons that she caught my eye this month was for calling out ‘travel snobs’ – something which I have written about before!

Screen shot 2019-03-06 at 16.02.06.png

Instagram Of The Month

I’m almost certain that I have spoken about this influencer before, way back at the start of my exploration into the Insta-world…her name is Georgina Horne, but you might know her as Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. Her body confidence has inspired me for years, and this month she has been fighting the good fight against Instagram – standing up for women, and presumably men, everywhere who have received wildly inappropriate messages from men. Check her out!

Screen shot 2019-03-06 at 16.11.58.png


and just like that, Follow Friday is over for another month!  Think you know an influencer that I should check out? Leave your recommendations down below!

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