Flawesome Award

Let me start by saying a massive thank you to Louise and Carly for nominating me for the Flawesome Blogger Award!

The aim of the award – which was created by Sophia Ismaa – is to recognise that we are all ‘flawed’ and to remind ourselves that it is our flaws that make us who we are! It’s these so-called flaws that make us awesome humans, even if we don’t always feel like it.

Everybody is #flawesome.

The rules of this are:

  • Link back to the creator and to the person who nominated you.
  • Display the award image.
  • List 3 of your personal flaws and turn them in to a strength.
  • Tag 10 other people to take part.

A lot of my planned Blogtober posts are pretty self-depreciating, so picking just 3 flaws might be the hardest part for me!

1. I’m a bit of a work junkie.

I have never had a Monday-Friday, 9-5 job where I can just turn up do my job and then leave and switch off. My work – especially my current job/career – and my life and very much intertwined and it’s just a fact that it is almost impossible to escape. On top of office hours I willingly work evenings and weekends, partially because I accept it as part of my job and partially because if I’m not working I feel guilty for not working. I find it difficult to take time for myself without feeling some kind of guilt that there’s something I could or should be doing or that maybe I have forgotten about something. If something comes up meaning that I can’t cover a story you can guarantee I will spend more time than is really necessary wondering if the person who is covering it is getting on okay or if the person who requested our presence is satisfied with what’s happening. Even lying in bed scrolling through Facebook is basically working for me.

I think the plus side to this is that I have had so many exciting opportunities and met so many wonderful people, and I have been able to earn their respect as somebody they can count on – I would say that goes a long way, especially in my line of work!

2. I am a one woman show.

Unsure whether the correct term is perpetually single or strong independent woman, the reality is that I am a fiercely isolated person. I don’t have very many friends and the ones I do have are pretty spread out and, of course, all busy getting on with their own lives. This does mean that often I don’t have anybody to turn to, and that I more often than not spend any free time I have alone doing alone things. More upsettingly, it means I don’t get to play board games as often as I would like! Such a personality trait/lifestyle choice is upsetting to some and off-putting to others.

What this has triggered is the confidence to be independent and to go and do the things I want by myself instead of waiting around for other people. I’ll travel alone, go to the cinema alone or go out for a walk alone without a second thought. Not always, but most of the time I’m quite happy to go and do something by myself that I often see others saying that they couldn’t possibly do in fear of loneliness and boredom. I’m perfectly happy with my own company. In fact, I would be so bold as to say that sometimes doing things alone is a more rewarding experience.

3. I am clingy.

I’m THAT person. I come across as needy and clingy but the reality is if you’re special to me I just want to know that you are 100% okay. I don’t mean to be a pest, I just need to check in to reassure myself that you are not going through one of the horrific situations I’m envisaging in my mind (how am I supposed to know that you haven’t been kidnapped by the abominable snowman in the middle of July?!).

On the flipside, if you’re special to me then I am probably one of your most intensely enthusiastic cheerleaders. I want all of the good things for you. I want you to be better than okay and I want your life to be wonderful. I want you to achieve all of your dreams and I will do whatever I can to help you get there. I’m loyal and would do anything I physically can to help you in your time of need without really expecting anything in return. I’m THAT person.

The final step is to nominate 10 other bloggers, so today I choose…

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2 thoughts on “Flawesome Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination! I did this earlier this month but I might do it again because this is a GREAT tag and something I think everyone should do at least once!

    I, too, am clingy! It drives people crazy sometimes but I always imagine the worst possible thing happening if I haven’t talked to you in a while or if you don’t respond to my text/calls. 😅 So, I totally understand that “flaw”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one haha, I always feel like such a pest because of it!
      I didn’t realise you had already done it – I must have missed that post sorry!


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