#GlossyMermaid: unboxing and first impressions

Hey guys! So if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that Mr Postman brought me an exciting parcel this morning…my first ever Glossy Box!

For those of you who don’t know, Glossy Box is a monthly subscription box (or you can get a one-off!) for beauty products. Each month they pick out 5 different things for you to try, wrap them up all pretty and post it straight to your door. Unlike a lot of other ‘taster’ boxes, Glossy Box send out full sized products which is pretty cool if you ask me!

The theme of their October box was Mermaids Vs Unicorns, so each subscriber would be sent either a mermaid themed box or a unicorn themed box. I was lucky enough to receive the mermaid box, isn’t it gorgeous?

The packaging caused bizarre excitable squeaks to erupt from my body. Once you’re inside the packaging doesn’t get any less pretty -the products were all wrapped up in ombre tissue paper and tied with some pretty ribbon.

So now for the bit I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for! What was inside?

The five products which I received were:

  • Makeup Revolution’s Redemption Eyeshadow (Mermaids Vs Unicorns)
  • Sleek Makeup’s Creme To Powder Blush (amaryllis)
  • Lord & Berry’s Magic Brow (brunette)
  • Bang Beauty’s Cream Colour (dolce pink)
  • Kawaii Enterprise’s Brush Cleaning Egg

Okay, so now for a little bit of insight into my shocking makeup skills/routine…I don’t use blush or brow products when I do my makeup. When I’m doing my makeup it’s because I 100% want to get rid of my permanently very rosy cheeks, and I have a substantial enough quantity of actual eyebrow that I really don’t need to draw any more eyebrow onto my face. Also I don’t have the slightest clue what to do with cream colour products.

After swatching them on my arm (see, I know what I am doing sometimes, thanks beauty vloggers!) I decided that actually the brow pencil (top swatch, RRP £14) and cream colour (middle swatch, RRP £19.50) weren’t so bad. The blush (bottom swatch, RRP £5.99), on the other hand, will not be making it’s way onto my face any time soon…at least not as a blush! The cream colour is cute in a lipglossy kinda way, and I realised that the pencil might come in handy for those times I accidentally foundation my eyebrows instead of my usual mascara cover up.

So what about the other two products? From the moment I opened the box they were the two I had the highest hopes for. I am notorious for not cleaning my brushes -who has the time? I always struggle to get all the soap out too, which the cleansing egg (RRP £7.99) claims to help with. Guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and give my brushes (hahaha brushes, I never use more than 2) a wee bath this weekend!

I love Makeup Revolution, and the colours in the palette (RRP £4) looked so pretty! When I swatched them, however, some were disappointingly sheer (can you even see that first green?!). Maybe it’s just me, since I’m not really one to opt for subtlety. The colours are hella pretty though, and I’m all about that shimmer!

Considering the cost for the whole box plus postage is like £13, I’d say I’m pretty darn pleased with my mail this morning! Also, I’m totally keeping the box as storage for something, I’m just not sure what yet!

What do you think? Anything catch your eye, or any tips on how I should be doing my makeup? Comment below!

42 thoughts on “#GlossyMermaid: unboxing and first impressions

  1. The box is only £13 for five full-sized products?! That’s an awesome bargain! Much better than those sample boxes I’ve read folk being disappointed about recently.


  2. Great review! I got my unicorn glossybox in the post yesterday morning and can’t wsit to try out the products now!


  3. I do love a nice surprise box of goodies. This one looks sensational from the pretty packaging to the full size samples. You will be pleased to know that you have also shamed me into washing my one and only brush – blusher brush!


  4. Awesome post! I really love that eye-shadow palette it’s really pretty and the overall contents of the box seems good for the price too.


  5. Very intrigued by beauty subscription boxes – how do they know your skin type, colour etc? (never tried them). I like the look of the box and it must be really exciting to unpack it!


  6. The colors on the eyeshadow palette are so pretty! I can imagine doing a nice mermaid make-up for a Halloween party. I have a similar type of cleansing egg and it is really nice, does the job. 🙂


  7. OOH! This looks awesome! I have never tried Glossy box, but I have done birch box for years! Love getting the samples every month and trying new things!


  8. 13£ seems very reasonable for such good collections and would be great for someone who wears makeup everyday. Although I am so tempted, I don’t often use eye-shadows and if the subscription brings totally different products every month, then it is definitely a great deal


  9. Aww I used to get Glossy box few years back but then the quality went down, though your products are quite good. It’s quite hard though if you’re not going to use some of them but then it’s quite nice present for someone else who you know will use them 🙂


  10. Such great value and looks like you got some nice products. I am always nervous about these things in case I don’t like the colours, but looks as though there are lots of different bits to mix and match.


  11. I used to love Glossybox but I got sick of the product value dropping (we used to get some really, really good stuff) I think that’s a box that IS worth the money-but it’s just not new products, to me. Bring back old Glossybox please, Glossybox!

    I’m a big Sleek fan though, that blusher is a lovely one. Use a tiny tiny amount on your face, literally just dab it with your fingers, you might be surprised 🙂


  12. I love the colours and shimmer of the eye shadow, great for mixing and matching for some stunning looks!


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