Follow Friday: 13/10/2017

Wow guys, it’s time for another Follow Friday and this week I have chosen yet another Blogger Of The Week and Vlogger Of The Week to share with you!

Blogger Of The Week

My BOTW today is… Elena Peters! She has been working hard to help bloggers be the best that they can be by sharing her own experiences, but she doesn’t just blog about blogging! She also writes about all aspects of her (mid)life, including mental health experiences.

I accidentally started a little bit of drama in the blogosphere last week related to one of Elena’s posts (she was the victim of some unfortunate apparent plagiarism)…so you can tell how good her content is!

You can check her out here:

Vlogger Of The Week

My VOTW for this week is….Kirsty Jarvie! She is both a blogger and a vlogger, but I have decided to file her under VOTW since it is her videos which I have been binge watching this week! Her content is varied, which means that you don’t get bored of watching her. She is fairly local to me too, and I just find it really lovely to hear a local accent in a vlog for a change!

Check her out, and subscribe if you want, here:

Here is one of her videos:

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