Follow Friday: 20/10/2017

Sorry this week’s Follow Friday is running so late everybody (I mean, there’s literally another one due tomorrow!), it was a hectic couple of days and then I’ve just had no mojo this week…



BOTW this week is…Mummy Mimi!  Since I started blogging again I have found myself following an abnormal amount of parenting bloggers (there’s enough evidence to start a rumour mill, but no I am not planning on becoming a parent any time soon!), but Mummy Mimi’s blog includes a weekly feature which I think is absolutely fantastic (especially just now in the school holidays!).

Every week she compiles a list of things families can do in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire (where we live), and it’s always really quite thorough!

She does a lot of other parenty type blogging too.Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 21.52.37

Check her out here:


This week my VOTW is *drumroll* TOXIC TEARS. She is an Northern Irish blogger with some varied content, and it particularly interests me because it’s usually totally different to what so many others are doing! You go girl!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 21.44.56

Check her out and subscribe, if you wish, here:


Check out one of her videos here:

2 thoughts on “Follow Friday: 20/10/2017

  1. I will be having a look at both the blogger and vlogger. I’ve just started out, so I’m interested in how other people run their blogs 🙂


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