I Went To Lush For The First Time [And Didn’t Die] | Lush NAKED Bloggers’ Event

Spoiler alert: We got naked without taking our clothes off. Continue reading I Went To Lush For The First Time [And Didn’t Die] | Lush NAKED Bloggers’ Event


WMO: Chatroom

So since I’ve been busy wading through my Guiding life, and ignoring the rest of life, I am going to apologise by presenting you with a new ‘subdivision’ of ‘Kirsty Through The Looking Glass’, which I have, rather creatively, named ‘WATCH ME ONCE!’ (or WMO for convenience).  This is going to be a series of short, spoiler free promotions/reviews of all the movies which I feel that you should watch at least once in your life.  Maybe because they are brilliant, or thought provoking.  Or maybe it’s a movie which is so bad that it’s funny.  I’m not saying that … Continue reading WMO: Chatroom

Review: Hudl

Okay, so I’m not in the habit of reviewing actual, physical objects, but I’m going to give it a bash.  My intentions are to use this blog post to tell you a little bit about the Hudl. WHAT IS A HUDL? The Hudl is Tesco’s attempt at paving it’s way into the gadget market by focussing on the tech of the moment – the tablet.  Not, like, an actual medical tablet, but an electronic one.  Like an iPad, but instead of being made by Apple it was made by Tesco. HUDL…THAT’S AN ACRONYM RIGHT? I’m afraid it’s not.  Having worked … Continue reading Review: Hudl

Alice’s Adventures in London

I was at the cinema on Thursdsay, an event so rare in itself that it deserves a mention.  What was the last thing that you saw in the cinema?  There’s a high chance that it was something fairly recent, and I have to admit that recently I’ve done not too bad for cinema trips with this being my 3rd one this year (Monsters Inc 3D and Les Mis being the first two, both brilliant).  Thursday’s cinema trip was slightly different however, because I wasn’t there to watch some new release Blockbuster movie, or remake of a childhood favourite or anything in … Continue reading Alice’s Adventures in London

Scotland’s Biggest Secret.

  Today I had the joy of experiencing a nuclear explosion.  Okay, so maybe not a real one or else I wouldn’t be able to write this.  My family and I were at ‘Scotland’s Secret Bunker’, 100ft under a farmhouse not too far from St Andrews, the Government’s best kept secret for 40 years. Why is there a bunker 100ft under an unsuspecting Scottish farmhouse? Simple.  So that in the eventuality of nuclear warfare, the Government has somewhere safe to store their people, where they could still run the country.   Well, they had.  It’s no longer a secret, and has been a museum since 1994 (the Government … Continue reading Scotland’s Biggest Secret.