Where to find KTTLG 2.0

So I thought it would be worth taking a few seconds just to share with you of the great places that you can find me on the very expansive interweb!   Obviously I’m right here on WordPress, but did you also know that you can check me out on: Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/kirstythroughthelookingglass On the Facebook page I obviously share new posts from KTTLG 2.0, but we also have previews of posts which will be coming soon and we do a throwback to an original post every Thursday, as well as much, much more! Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/kirstyttlg Over on our brand … Continue reading Where to find KTTLG 2.0

Follow Friday: 06/10/2017

With new blog comes new fun! I have decided that I want to share some love for all of these people who spend their time creating content which I enjoy, so every Friday I shall endeavour to share a Blogger or Vlogger (or maybe both!) Of The Week. Blogger Of The Week: This was a tough one, because I’ve come across so many wonderful new bloggers in the past couple of weeks. So after some deliberation I chose This Real Life Dad, because his blog has touched me the most this week! Go check him out at: http://www.thisreallifedad.com Vlogger Of … Continue reading Follow Friday: 06/10/2017

Welcome Back: where I’ve been, what happened and why I decided to change everything.

Yes you read that right! In case you haven’t already noticed, some big changes have been occurring over here at Kirsty Through The Looking Glass HQ, and I guess to some extent you deserve an explanation as to why this is. This blog is not a baby anymore – if it was an actual human being it would have just started school – but for various reasons it has suffered from long periods of neglect. This is why I have decided to store all of the original KTTLG posts in one place – so don’t worry, all of your favourite … Continue reading Welcome Back: where I’ve been, what happened and why I decided to change everything.

The Perils of Being Too Nice.

There’s this misconception that being a nice person is, well, nice.  Sometimes this is true, the warm glow when you help somebody out, the gratitude, the appreciation, the recognition.  It’s a little bit lovely, for lack of a better word.  Being nice isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be though, and I increasingly find myself coming to the realisation that ‘nice’ is just a euphemism for ‘pushover’.  It’s also worth noting that not all nice people are the same, but this blog concerns the people who are like me…the people who are TOO nice. Over the past few weeks I … Continue reading The Perils of Being Too Nice.