How I Made A New Year’s Resolution I Could Keep

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Welcome to 2018. So…who has made a new year’s resolution? I know from what you have been telling me on Instagram that a lot of you don’t bother making resolutions.  I don’t blame you – this used to be me and to some extent still is!  You may remember that a few years ago, in the era of KTTLG 1.0, that instead of making a resolution I decided to make a list of ten things that I wanted to achieve instead. I wasn’t able to achieve all of them (to be honest I kind of forgot … Continue reading How I Made A New Year’s Resolution I Could Keep

I Regret Nothing: The Offensive InstaMum Comment

For the first part of the I Regret Nothing series where I explain the Game Of Superiority that is blogging, click here. Remember when I said blogging has turned into a game of superiority? Facebook groups, designed to encourage bloggers to support each other, are where it rears its ugly head the most. I first encountered this in a group for supporting Instagram accounts where I took part in a post for liking and commenting on other bloggers photos, but the deadline for completion fell slap bang in the middle of a weekend away in the Scottish Highlands, where signal … Continue reading I Regret Nothing: The Offensive InstaMum Comment

I Regret Nothing: Banned From Facebook.

I see so many bloggers who blog about blogging and I told myself I wouldn’t join them, but here I am (kinda). There are bloggers who specifically blog about blogging and nothing else – how to have millions of viewers and make thousands of pounds a day. The downside is that often these blogs are poorly written, they all say exactly the same things and almost everything they spout is nonsense. Amongst them are a few diamonds in the rough, a few who genuinely want to help others but they are few and far between (and don’t normally make outrageous … Continue reading I Regret Nothing: Banned From Facebook.

Friendship…in a box?

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: “ca-pub-7767104505939748”, enable_page_level_ads: true }); ***DISCLAIMER: Think that reading this post will ruin the surprise? Don’t worry, this gift box contains various customisable components so what you see here isn’t necessarily what you will … Continue reading Friendship…in a box?