My Pageant Dream: what’s happening?

So remember earlier in the year I was excited to tell you all that I was Ms Aberdeenshire Curve 2020, and that I was going to be competing in the Miss British Beauty Curve pageant in August…and then I just kind of never mentioned it again? Let’s talk about that.

I’m pretty sure by now everybody realises that there is a bit of a global health pandemic going on at the moment, so I’m sure it will be of absolutely no surprise to anybody to learn that the whole coronavirus thing kind of interfered with my pageant dream. I spent a lot of time thinking that I was going to have to pull out, as obviously travelling from the north of Scotland to the south of England – which required going through the centre of London no matter how I tried to plan it – was not going to be a sensible journey to make this year.

Some of you may remember that I spoke about how community action was a significant part of the final score, and obviously with the country in lockdown it was not safe nor possible to attend community events, lend a hand or show support. A few weeks into lockdown the organisers temporarily changed the rules to count online campaigns towards this section of the pageant, which relieved a little pressure, but unfortunately this expired in June meaning that it was still going to be impossible for anybody to be proud of their score in this section.

June is also around the time that they announced (unsurprisingly) that they were going to postpone the pageant from August to October. This meant a change of location, albeit still in Kent, and also meant that we would now be competing on stage alongside the finalists in the other pageant organised by the same people. Thankfully I had been so sure that I was going to have to pull out that I had not booked my travel or accommodation yet so I never lost any money.

As the summer went on and the virus continued to grip us here in the UK, it was becoming more and more apparent to my family and I that I might still not be able to compete. By this time England (where the pageant was to be held) and Scotland (where I am) were running on different restrictions, with England allowing a lot of things that we weren’t okay with up here. At that time it honestly looked like England might be almost fully reopened by October but I knew up here taking to the stage in front of an audience was still going to be a no go, and I couldn’t risk the health/lives of my family and all the other people I care about (not to mention myself) just for the chance to walk down that stage in a pretty dress.

As it transpired, I never had to pull out. In autumn, as internal turmoil over whether to withdraw or book travel and accommodation was truly setting in, the organiser announced their decision to cancel both of the pageants that were meant to be taking place that day. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the ending we had hoped for, for a number of reasons, but the announcement of the cancellation was a huge relief to me personally.

It runs deeper though, and in announcing that this year’s events was cancelled they also announced that this was to be the end of the two pageants – they were closing them down forever. This was probably the most shocking bit of the whole thing, and was almost definitely a bigger surprise than the fact that they were choosing to cancel outright instead of postpone to 2021. So not only will I not be competing in 2020, but none of us will ever compete in this pageant system again.

I suppose that this means that I am simultaneously not Ms Aberdeenshire Curve anymore, and I will forever be Ms Aberdeenshire Curve?

So have I given up on this frivolous pageant dream? Not entirely. Admittedly after everything happening when it was cancelled I do feel a bit demotivated, but I did apply for another pageant at the start of September. Alas I have never had a response, which I assume means that I was unsuccessful in securing a place in the finals, but maybe it’s for the best. I – like so many others – am starting to feel as if it’s probably better to not apply for anything until we know that such events will definitely be able to start going ahead again and how they will operate.

I know I promised a Pageant FAQs video which has never come to fruition, but that’s mostly because I wanted to be able to be open and upfront with exactly what was happening and as you can tell, it’s been a whole lot of will it happen won’t it happen for the past six months since I shared my excitement with you all. I’m still planning to do this video, and to share what I’ve written here with anybody who watches my videos and doesn’t read my blog, but at the moment I don’t have an exact timeline for when that will happen.

In the mean time thank you very much for all of your support in my journey, what little bit of the pageant experience I did get I have to say I enjoyed immensely, and I hope you can continue to support me in whatever comes next xoxox

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