Life Update: I entered a beauty pageant?!

I’ve accidentally been a little AWOL again so I thought I would just slip in with a little life update…because I’ve done something utterly mad.

You may have spotted on Facebook or Instagram last weekend that I had a teeny tiny announcement to make. In August I will be travelling to Kent to compete in the Miss British Beauty Curve pageant as Ms Aberdeenshire Curve.88102564_10155960613547537_8665586691412590592_n

Yeah that’s right. This human who can barely haul herself out of bed early enough to brush her hair in the morning is, like, a beauty queen now? I can barely dress myself in something that isn’t worn out leggings and a Hard Rock hoodie, and now I’m a pageant girl? I definitely don’t look the part. Or feel the part. It’s a totally wild situation to find myself in and it is genuinely making my head spin on a daily basis…but, like, in the best possible way? It’s thrilling, and terrifying, and every human emotion possible all bundled into one.

There’s a huge chunk of my already distracted brain which is just full time functioning in overdrive thinking about outfits and logistics. I have 6 different outfits to try and co-ordinate, and not a single one of them is a hoodie and leggings. I need to work out how to walk in heels without falling flat on my face (a la graduation 2013). I need to work out WHAT ON EARTH it means when it says “an outfit which represents who you are” because all of a sudden, let me tell you, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MYSELF.

I also need to start doing some ‘public appearances’ wearing my sash, and since each appearance only counts for half a point, I don’t live somewhere like London, I work the most ridiculous hours and I’m already like four months behind a lot of other people taking part I really need to get stuck in to that ASAP. You know, because the one thing I need in my life is more stress (insert cry laugh emoji here).

So yeah, that’s been the main thing that has been going on in my life recently. Apart from that it’s just a lot of work and a little bit of living, which I’m sure there will be posts about soon if I can get myself into gear. Healthwise, everything is bearable.

In the mean time, I’m away to go and keep trying to work out how make worn out leggings and Hard Rock hoodies with slippers glamorous!

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