Five things I’m taking into 2020 with me

We’re a month into the new year now, is it too late for posts about the new year? Probably, but I never got round to getting this one finished in January so you’re getting it now instead!

Here are five things which came into my life in 2019 that I’d like to keep in the new decade, and who knows maybe you see something you’d like to try to integrate into your life!

Cottage cheese as dip

I actually picked this one up from a Buzzfeed video where people swapped diets, and one of them mentioned having crisps and cottage cheese and I was like…what? I would live on crisps and dip if I could, and I love cottage cheese, but never once had I thought about putting the two together. So I tried it, and I loved it.

Homemade soup

I’ve never been much of a soup person, apart from really enjoying the occasional tin of Heinz tomato soup. Homemade soup was just not I was interested in as a fussy eater. Then I started making my own soup in my slow cooker and it was a game changer. Being able to control what I put into my soup has been a game changer, and if you’re a fussy eater too I suggest considering making your own soup.


I’ve spoken about my experiences in starting yoga before. Even if I don’t do it every day or every week, I still find it to be really enjoyable as well as good for body and soul.

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In 2019 I finally returned to sporadically volunteering with a local Girlguiding unit, and I don’t regret it. Volunteering even just a little bit of time now and then for any organisation has an assortment of benefits for everyone involved.

YouTube on the TV

After working out how to get YouTube on my TV, my life has changed. A big screen is so much better than trying to watch it on my tiny little phone screen. I can keep up with all my faves without giving myself a headache, without sacrificing my eyesight (as much) or my posture (the latter two probably cause the first one, let’s be honest).


I know there may not be any groundbreaking revelations in this post, but I can hold my hands up and admit that 2019 was not my year. The cottage cheese thing, though, I promise it’s pretty mind-blowing.

What have you taken into the 2020s with you? Share your stories in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Five things I’m taking into 2020 with me

  1. Cottage cheese as a dip, here’s my recipe, go get sweet (you can also buy this in a hot version) red relish, put what you can eat in a bowl and top with the relish mentioned.


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