Getting personal with Brinley Williams

This post contains a product that was gifted to me for review purposes.

I am a pretty big fan of candles, and I was super excited to find out that there are companies out there that can make something as universally appreciated as candles more special. So, of course, when the opportunity to review a personalised candle from Brinley Williams arose I jumped at the chance!

Brinley Williams is a UK based business which fits in comfortably with my shop local ethos – they may not be local to me but they are still an independent business. They sell a range of candles, some personalised and some not, some scented and some not. They also sell personalised clothing, mugs and other gift items. Something in particular which caught my attention was that they stock a range of scented candles specifically marketed to men! So any men (or women) out there who wish you could get candles in more traditionally manly scents – check out Brinley Williams!

So what did I get? I got a personalised pillar candle, and the design I chose came from the Thank You selection – they have designs for pretty much every gifting or celebration situation which is cool. As well as personalising the text I could personalise the colour of the candle, the colour of the logo and the colour of the band so you truly can make something unique. Some of the designs even give you the opportunity to upload one of your own photos instead of using one of the pre-determined designs which would make an incredibly special gift

The candle is unscented and arrived wrapped like a gift in cellophane. Obviously if you or your recipient are headstrong in the fight against single use plastic this is not ideal, but if you’re not then I guess you wouldn’t really have to wrap it at all if you didn’t feel inclined to. The personalisation aspect of the candle means that it is almost too nice to burn!

I’m not sure of the materials, but the design is clearly printed onto a special paper (or material) and then applied to the candle, but it does look like it is one with the candle (not like a sticker) and certainly looks and feels secure. I don’t know what happens when you burn the candle down that far, but like I said to me it definitely looks too nice and is too special to burn!

The price may seem a little steep, but when you start to take all of the factors into consideration then actually it’s not so bad – it’s a large, sturdy candle, it’s a unique and very personal thing and it is coming from a small independent business!

This is definitely something I will be keeping in mind when I need a special gift in the future!


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