My January Favourites

*This post contains some affiliate links – this means that if you choose to buy then I might earn a few pennies, however it doesn’t cost you any extra*

So since this is my last post of the month, I thought I would take the opportunity to share 5 things that I have been really enjoying this month!


This month I have rediscovered Audible, an app for listening to audio books. I downloaded a bunch of books and podcasts (that’s basically what their series are, right?) and have been listening to them from time to time, normally as background noise. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I struggle a bit with audiobooks because I loose track of the story and the characters and everything that makes a book…well…a book. I think that’s why I’m enjoying their free little series so much – you can just dip in and out of a series as you want.


I promise that this isn’t just a list of apps and that I have, occassionally, not been glued to my phone like one of those people (just kidding, I am definitely one of those people and I have no regrets). I pledged at the turn of the year that I wanted to try and put some more effort into my social media this year, especially since Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all seemed to have somewhat plateaued and as a blogger/wannabe influencer this was quite frustrating. I can report that I haven’t cracked Twitter or Facebook yet, but I’ve been having quite a lot of fun with Instagram and I can say that I have seen some results – I have finally surpassed 700 followers after being stuck around 650 for what feels like f o r e v e r. Are you following me yet? @kirstyttlg


I got Little Mix’s latest album for my Christmas and it has been on repeat in my car since about Boxing Day. A somewhat bizarre mix of breakup songs and empowered feminist anthems, I’m in no hurry to change the CD quite yet. If you want to grab your own copy you can do so here: [affiliate]

My new mittens.

At the weekend I popped into Kaga to buy a bag from their sale that I had fallen in love with and left with half the shop – including a pair of woolen mittens. They are the softest, cosiest, most wonderful things and have sparkly stags on them which just makes them all the more wonderful as far as I’m concerned. Yay for cosy fingers!

Cheese and chicken toasties.

Cheese and chicken toasties have constituted a significant part of my diet this month, and every time I have one I am filled with so much joy (and inevitably a burnt mouth). I thoroughly recommend getting some wafer thin chicken, grated cheese and white bread and chucking that sandwich in your toastie maker – yummy!

Please also tune in on Friday for my monthly Follow Friday post, where I talk about some of the influencers I have been enjoying in January!

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