Creme Egg Cheesecake

I lack absolutely any culinary talent, which over the years has resulted in me becoming one of those experimental chefs.  I never really know what I’m doing but sometimes I just throw what I fancy together and hope for the best.  Sometimes it goes terribly wrong, and sometimes my concoctions turn out rather brilliantly.  Easter Sunday’s vague attempt at a Crème Egg cheesecake was the latter.

Just look at the cheesecake!
Just look at the cheesecake!

Now, I can tell you the ingredients but I’m afraid that  can’t really tell you the quantities of said ingredients.  One of the wonders of experimental cooking!  I will try my best though…


2/3rds a packet of chocolate digestives

a splodge of Stork

a tub of whipping cream

2 tubs of cream cheese

a rather sizable splash of vanilla flavouring

far too much sugar

6 crème eggs

mini crème eggs for decoration


Smash up the digestives.  Melt the Stork and add in the digestive crumbs, mix it all up and then put in a dish that’s been lined with tinfoil.  Squidge so that it’s vaguely flat and even and shove in the fridge out of the way.  Pour the cream into a bowl and whisk for a while till it thickens and goes frothy.  Scoop in all of the cream cheese and whisk some more until the mixture is really thick, then add the sugar and whisk it in.  Add your splash of vanilla and taste, then add more of whatever you think is needed.    Smash up your Crème Eggs and whisk them in (this is the most impossible thing ever.  Crème eggs were not made to smash!) Take the base out of the fridge and spread the mixture on top, then add the mini eggs. Voila!

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