Going Lomo

I was down in Edinburgh on Saturday, and bought myself two new toys.  Let me introduce you to the latest additions of my camera collection;

voyager sardinecam

Yes, I nicked these pictures off the internet, but in my head there is something ridiculous about taking a photograph of a camera.  Why do I need two new cameras, I hear you ask?  The truth is, quite simply, that I don’t.  I am completely and utterly unable to save money.  I am one of those people who sees something that they want and then just buys it, because as far as I’m concerned I have worked to earn the money in my pocket (let’s just completely forget about student loan forever, okay) so therefore I should have the right to spend it on whatever I want.  It’s not going to be much use to me after I’m dead, is it?  You know those people who win big in the lottery and then blow it all? That would be me (I once saw a yacht that I really liked, priced at a mere 63 million Euros. I have expensive taste)

Easter holidays starts on Friday, and guess what I’m going to be doing?  Somewhere in between the college workload, the extra shifts in Hell, tidying and decorating my room, I’m going to be playing with my new toys.  These aren’t you’re bog standard camera, these are lomographic cameras.  Yeah, I didn’t know what lomography was either when I bought them, but I do now.

Lomography is, in effect, the name that has been give to back to basics photography. ‘Fully analogue’.  As in, put in your film and wind it on…take a photo then wind it on again.  Finish the film?  Wind it back yourself.  I haven’t taken the blue one out of it’s box yet, but I’ve put a film in the purple one and it if you push the switch over to the right then you can hold the shutter open for as long as you want (which probably doesn’t mean anything to anybody non-photographic, but photographers will understand this joy).  The purple one has a flash too( the only reason that it would need a battery!  Got to love the freedom of not relying on batteries or electricity.) although I’ve read a couple of reviews that say the flash is not very well placed and catches on the edge of the lens creating a huge void in the photo.

Do you know why I’m really excited?  Assuming I can get them to work, the creative possibilities are nigh endless…no Photoshop required.

Price Tag:

Urban Outfitters-Fisheye 2 (Voyager Special Edition) – £80 …bought for £35

Urban Outfitters- La Sardina Cosmic – £65…bought for £10 

Total paid for both? £40.50, j’adore student discount.

Poundland- Kodak Colourplus 35mm 24/200 -£1

5 thoughts on “Going Lomo

  1. So is this a film camera? It looks cool but I’m a little confused, I love taking pictures, so more info on it would be awesome!


  2. Let me know how was your experience after using your new toys! looking forward to hearing!
    The Fashion Mixologist Blog


  3. Sounds like some retro cameras. They do look pretty still. They are a good investment to add to your collection….. enjoy them.


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