Two Little Musical Ducks

There’s a song on Taylor Swift’s Red album called ’22’, and there’s also a song on Lily Allen’s It’s Not Me, It’s You album called ’22’.  Now, I know that I’m probably not living life the way the majority of people my age are, but I’m 22 and I don’t see any need to write a song about it.  In fact, I don’t see any aspect of my life that is worthy of singing about, maybe my life is just exceptionally mundane.

I’m going to post links to both songs at the bottom of this post, but they have completely different ideas of what life is like at 22.  Part of me wonders if the fact that Lily is English and Taylor is American has any influence, but I will never be neither so I guess that I can never really know for sure.  According to Lily Allen, if you hit 22 and haven’t fallen in love and/or put yourself on the career ladder, even if it’s just at the bottom, then you’re destined to be forever alone and never have a decent job.  According to Miss Swift, 22 is old enough to have the commitments, but still young enough to be free and do what you want and be incredibly frivolous: worry about the hangover later (both physical and metaphorical, I’m sure).

Me?  I agree with them both.

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