The Bizarrity of Discovering Inner Peace

I feel compelled to write this, because I go back to college tomorrow and that means that things are away to get crazy busy and my time that I can devote to my procrastination is away to diminish quite rapidly.  I’m still trying to work out what I haven’t done for tomorrow.  This may be the last time you hear from me in a while, you’ll all be very glad to know! So there I was thinking ‘I’m going to write in my blog tonight, what could I write about?’, and my usually over-inspired self was remarkably uninspired.  I tossed … Continue reading The Bizarrity of Discovering Inner Peace

“Ugly To The Point That It Horrified Me.”

In November Jian Feng was awarded £75,000 by the courts…because he fathered an ‘ugly’ baby. Apparently his wife had plastic surgery prior to meeting him, and never told him about the procedures.  So when Mr Feng saw his bundle of joy and she didn’t look the way he thought she should, he instantly accused his wife of being unfaithful.  Paternity tests disproved his accusations though, and this is when the truth came out.  So he changed his case, claiming that he had been wrongfully mislead by his wife and the male judge agreed with him. What kind of environment is this for their daughter … Continue reading “Ugly To The Point That It Horrified Me.”


The joys of the personal statement.  That 42 lines in which you get to tell prospective future educational establishments why they should waste their resources on you over the coming years.  Your chance to tell them why you are a heck of a lot more wonderful/talented/filled with potential than the other couple of hundred students that apply for that same course. This isn’t in my first personal statement, in fact it’s my third, but things have changed a heck of a lot in the 5 years since I started writing my first one.  Not going to lie, back then it … Continue reading Change.