Find Me.

Obviously I’m right here on WordPress, but did you also know that you can check me out on:


On the Facebook page I obviously share new posts from KTTLG 2.0, but we also have previews of posts which will be coming soon and we do a throwback to an original post every Thursday, as well as much, much more!


Over on our brand new Instagram account I share little snippets of my life as well as letting you know when we have an exciting new post a-brewing!


Over on Youtube you can find a playlist of songs I like to listen to while I’m writing, and a playlist featuring all of my Vlogger Of The Week winners (a very short playlist just now, of course, but it’s growing every week!)! Also excitingly, in the not too distant future you might be seeing a few vlogs of my very own creeping in there (and I can’t guarantee that I won’t award myself VOTW)!





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