My Current Goals

So today’s writing prompt is “5 current goals” and since I’m not the kind of person who really sets goals for myself I’ve had to put a lot of thought into this one!

After all this thinking (my brain aches a little!) I think I have chosen five things that could be described as goals for my current situation:

  1. Make/find time to see my friends. It feels like an absolute lifetime since I last had a proper catchup with some of my friends – I literally (at the time of writing this, anyway) still have one of my best friend’s birthday presents in my house, and her birthday is January! I joke about needing more friends but the truth is that I barely even have time for the few friends I have now, I don’t know how I think I would find time for more of them.
  2. Find career contentment once again. There has been a lot of negativity and unsettlement in my job recently which has not had a particularly great effect on my feelings, and it would be really nice to find that level of contentment (and even happiness!) that I used to have for my job. I don’t know if that means a new job, or waiting for the dust to settle, but I think it’s important for my wellbeing that I can find away to cut out the negativity.
  3. Finish decorating all of the half decorated rooms in my house. I’m looking at you, living room.
  4. Start to put some solid plans in place for my 30th birthday year. Especially any travel plans, because they require time consuming things like saving pennies!
  5. Get myself to a place financially, career-wise, mentally, etc and in terms of decluttering that I can get a dog. I know that I would ultimately love to have a dog but I also know that I am not currently in a place to give such an animal the care it deserves.

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